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University of Life

School of Hard Knocks

Department of Bitter Experience

Course: Revolution 102 (Congratulations on passing the first semester! :))

Essay Topic:


“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.(Camus)”

Form: Essay may take any form, i.e. academic or fictional prose, poetry, music, visual art, etc.

Marks:  Theory will be tested in practice. Pass means liberation. Failure takes you back to debt peonage and prostitution.

  1. “Samora Machel didn’t just say ‘A luta continua!’, the struggle continues. He’d also cue people to answer the question ‘contra o que?’, against what is this struggle, the respondents would have to articulate.” Mohau Bosiu, cited by Phumi Mtetwa. Please define what, or whom, your struggle is against?
  2. “A quick reminder of what I learnt as a (very) “young revolutionary in the struggle” (thank you, Angela Y Davis): ‘coup d’etats are 90 degrees; revolutions are 360 degrees. Guess which takes longer to realise?’” Please define your timeframe! What does short-term, medium-term and long-term mean to you? How realistic is that, given what you are up against?
  3. What is the situation nation-wide? It seems as if Gauteng, Western Cape, KZN and Eastern Cape are the @FMF hotspots, but as A C Fick points out, the media is consistently under-reporting what is happening on Black campuses. So what is the real picture of your organizational strength?
  4. What is it you wish to achieve over the next five years? What is your strategy? How do you plan to get there? Please divide your answer up into short, medium and possibly long term tactics.
  5. How does this work intersectionally? Privileged people have complained that the student movement is divided, but this is in my eyes an advantage. In the 1980’s the student movement was much more hierarchical, and this made it easy for authorities to weaken it by simply arresting or buying off the top tier of leadership. Today the movement is much flatter, disparate and comparatively open to dissent. This means it is likely to be much more long-lived. But how does this improved organizational structure impact on strategy/strategies? Motivate your answer.
  6. The beginning of the end was not Marikana, but Andries Tatane. Discuss.

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