We did say ‘Watch this space!’

SEED 2014

So, for you that did not get up at six last Thursday to catch me on SABC 2, we can finally announce that Khoelife Soap Co-op is a 2014 SEED Award winner!!!! Thank you so much SEED Initiative for the vote of confidence!!! Being a small start-up business is hard enough, but when you are trying to be low-carbon women empowering (and make good soap) all at the same time, there will be many times when you start to suspect you are a little bit crazy. But we are not alone. I had a great time in Kenya representing the team,  meeting all the other SEED Award winners, soaked up knowledge like a sponge and now we are able to bring you an even better service!! Read more at http://www.seedinit.org/awards/all.html?art_title&rd_winners_year_of_participation=2014&rd_winners_field_of_work&rd_winner_region&rd_winners_country&rd_winners_award_type=5&search=rd_list_winners_module&task=search&utm_source=newsletter_22&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=meet-the-seed-winners-2014&acm=195_22

Most of all the people who deserve gratitude are the support team without which none of this could happen: Ethne, Simone, Made, Bev, Ncedo and Dawn.









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