Why make it more complicated then it has to be?

By the way, all our soaps are sulphate free!! In fact our lovely organic products are pretty much free of everything. But if your hairdresser has asked you to use a sulphate free shampoo, try our liquid soap. The rumour is going around that they have discovered it makes your treatment last longer and your hair stronger. Well, we have grumbled about sulphates and additives of all sorts on this blog for a long time. So just be kind to yourself and do not cause problems that you then need to solve. We recommend especially the liquid waxberry soap which will give your hair extra shine and bounce. Oh, and save the environment as well as your skin while you are about it…

If you want to know more about preserving our ecosystem, there is a brand new publication available. Country reports from seven countries of the global South by women advocating for and analysing gendered responses to climate change at a national level (including yours truly). Find it at  http://www.gendercc.net/network/gendercc-news/news-details/article/new-publication-working-towards-gender-sensitive-national-climate-policy/9.html?no_cache=1

Khoelife is off travelling for a few days. waxberry soaps Why? Very, very exciting news, in fact very interesting things will be happening over the next few weeks. Like a sweet apple takes all summer long to ripen so we have been working all year on making sure that you can enjoy your daily Buchu soap. Watch this space! All shall be revealed in due course.

2 thoughts on “Why make it more complicated then it has to be?

  1. Vernon says:

    Dr Yvette Abraham, just heard you on SAfm a few minutes ago. So proud to hear of your initiative. Will advertise among my FB friends. Wishing you endless success. Congratulations on the SEED award!

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