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Jolly Carp Organic Market

All you parents who are going crazy thinking what to do with the kids during the winter school holidays, fear not! We have thought of you! Especially for families we are opening a new stall at the Jolly Carp Organic Market.
Petrina Roberts some of you may know as the force behind the campaign to stop Princessvlei being developed into a shopping mall. It is ridiculous, 17 000 hectares on the urban edge of the greater Cape Town area are being sought for rezoning. We already don’t have enough land to build houses on, people are setting up shacks in flood plains and spend half the winter under water. So the idea that what we really need is to cement up our remaining wetlands for the sake of more shopping malls is completely insane. We are proud to hook up with a woman of such formidable strength and power. And the Jolly Carp is the perfect place to sell our soaps. We subjected it to the acid test last weekend, meaning my nephew and twin nieces. There was a hairy moment when during the cupcake decorating workshop they all decided to eat the icing instead of molding it, but no worries, they ran off the sugar rush in the play park outside. There were also very healthy organic fruit and juices to soothe our parental consciences. Sister-in-law had a energy healing session which she was raving about, while Dawn Bosman chose the Yoga massage which she enjoyed equally. Auntie Yvette had a fun time with the kids while brother sat around and chatted. The food was great and affordable, ambience perfect – live band from Oceanview playing the smoothest of Cape jazz – and the kids paid it the highest compliment when they did not want to go home. So do yourselves a favour and see us there on Saturday.
It is at 38 Sasmeer Road, Retreat. You can find out more at:


Jolly Carp