Growing and changing…

It has been a time of much reading and thinking for me lately, I am going through something of a rebirth. Perhaps it is turning 50, or maybe it is a shift in my cosmic alignment. Am I just growing up? Anyway, 2013 for me has been a year of letting go of my past and learning to live in the present. Trust me, making soap is something you want to be present while doing 🙂
Some books that have rocked my world: Jeff Rubin’s “Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller”. It fascinates me to see that we were saying the same thing in 2009, namely that peak fossil fuels and climate change between them are going to change the economy as we know it, especially food and energy prices. Rubin predicts an end to a globalized agricultural system because rising oil prices are going to force us to eat local produce. Which would be an entirely good thing, I say. He also points out that this system which exploits the cheap labour of the South to export to the North is going to grind to a halt as rising freight costs outweigh comparative advantage. Again, living as I do in the Western Cape where our high quality textile industry was systematically destroyed by cheap Chinese imports, I cannot think this a bad thing either. I just wish our renewable energy ‘experts’ were to give this some thought. This whole debate about whether we should manufacture our own solar panels or not makes no sense unless we factor in the effect of peak fossil fuels. Duh.  But it is surprising how many “green energy’ people fail to factor in the full economic picture. We preach but we don’t always practice, it seems. That is why it was such a revelation to read Rubin. Like Jeremy Grantham, this is an investment banker who speaks from experience. I love it when the money people and the deep ecology feminists agree!!!
Vandana Shiva’s latest  “Making Peace With Mother Earth” was also a spiritual awakening. Like Wangari Mathai was so fond of doing, Vandana Shiva brings us back over and over again to governance issues. She makes the point that the most effective way to protect the environment in India has been to organize the indigenous peoples whose land is being threatened. It makes me think more around indigenous issues right here at home. If Shiva is right then the the empowerment of the Khoesan is at heart a ‘green issue.
Workwise, I have been busy, together with a bunch of other lovely people we just put together a civil society energy plan. It was great fun. You can read more about it at
Bringing all these strands together is the big news on the Khoelife front. My most amazing friend Dawn Bosman, a woman of grace, beauty charm and intelligence (Yup, the full package, people) has joined me to handle the sales and marketing! And we are opening our first stall!! Yes!!!

Dawn cooking soap in the winter sun

Dawn cooking soap in the winter sun

You will find us in the Village Market @ Cape Quarter ( ) every Wednesday and Sunday from 10.00 – 15.00, starting this weekend 16 June. So celebrating Youth Month by changing and growing seems most appropriate.
But don’t worry, nobody is depriving you of soap! Those of you who are unlucky enough to not live in Cape Town can still order by e-mailing us at

3 thoughts on “Growing and changing…

  1. Dawn Bosman says:

    Thank you Yvette for the lovely introduction and may I add that you see me because you, my, friend are as lovely!! Learning to make soap was a saving grace and I could not thank you enough for the amount of faith you put in me. Everyday you inspire me to learn and grow more because we are making so much more than soap. You are teaching me how to be patient with self and others. Ways of reaching deep inside and growing more than soap plant, Khoigoed and flowers but ways of healing myself and the eco system, which , I up to now, have not given much thought.I am deeply grateful that I get to do this job as it is so much more than producing soap.

  2. Yvette says:

    I purchased your Dr Abrahams Buchu oil, which worked wonders for my fever blister, thank you, better than all the expensive chemist creams and applications.
    I would further be interested in your products, but was in the usual hurry at Cape Quarter, please email me your products. In appreciation

    • khoelife says:

      Dear Yvette, I am so happy we could help! Indeed it is millennia old wisdom that goes into these products so they should be working better than the stuff that came out yesterday. Somebody once spoke about the people’s use of herbal products as the world’s longest clinical trial 🙂
      Dawn will be contacting you, or you can look on our About page to find out more about what we do, or e-mail us at I hope you continue in good health and happiness! Hugs form your namesake, Yvette

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