Monthly Archives: January 2013

If it ain’t broke you won’t have to fix it.

It is midsummer heading for autumn here, and ideal weather for soap making. It is so hot that one hardly even needs the solar cooker, in fact, on very hot days the soap practically makes itself. This is the traditional time for soap making. The Khoesan were a nomadic people, every year leaving this country side for six months to give the grazing time to rejuvenate. So this would have been the time women made soap and oil for the journey, drying also fruits and gathering nuts for road food.

I have been experimenting with a liquid baby soap, and today received the thumbs up from the mother of my nephew and nieces, who have been subjecting the soap to the most stringent tests. My nephew prefers the hard soap, and left to himself he will sit in the bath and lather the soap until it is finished. I give him his own special gift bars every few weeks that he can lather until he is satisfied. But the two little girls seem to prefer the liquid soap, or at least so their mother says. It is great to have a family so willing to offer themselves in the cause of research!

Seriously, though, I don’t know if you noticed but rates of allergies, eczema and other stress related skin symptoms are becoming more and more common amongst children. Baby eczema especially is on the rise, and I suspect it has something to do with all the allergens we are exposed to nowadays. Petroleum -based soaps in particular are very harsh no matter what is done to soften them up with additives, and that will always impose a lot of stress on the skin. So, although my buchu oil is well spoken of especially when it comes to weeping eczema, for me eczema care needs to start with the soap. If you don’t irritate it you won’t need expensive creams to set it right. And that these soaps are produced without emitting carbon means fewer problems for your baby to solve when we are no longer around.

The baby soaps are unscented in the hard version, and have just a whiff of chamomile and buchu in the liquid version. Chamomile is soothing and anti-allergenic, while the buchu helps to heal where the itches have been scratched open. Baby skins really don’t need any help to make them soft and smooth, but these soaps are equally useful for adults who are prone to allergies. I make them in the full size but also in a sample size if you want to try just a little to see if it works. Order from