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My favourite fairy tale !

One evening a young girl forgot the bamboes (milking bucket) in the kookskerm (cooking hut). Two frogs jumped up the edge, but in their eagerness to drink the creamy milk, they both lost their footing and fell in. The one frog, who had always fancied himself rather clever, started crying. “We are going to die, we are going to die!” he said. “The edges of the bamboes are too high, the milk too slippery, my life is going to end right here, drowned in a sea of milk. I am not going to end like this in trial and suffering” he said” commended his soul to the Great Creator, stopped swimming and drowned.
The second frog had always been called rather slow, even by her mother. She said” well, if I am going to die, at least I am going to go down fighting. I am too stupid to know I am going to die. I will just keep on swimming here and praying and surely, if our Great Creator does not help me, at least I will know I tried.” So the stupid frog just kept on swimming and swimming, round and round in the bamboes. In the morning the milkmaid came and gave a great scream. IN the bamboes floated a dead frog and a very live, fat and happy frog, sitting smiling on a sea of butter.
The moral of course being that sometimes it is helpful to be too stupid to give up…

Keep swimming!

so now you know why I make frog soap