Special batch!!!

Because I make everything by hand, it is no problem for me to make specialty soaps and lotions. I do this for the love of it, and it is especially lovely to make something artisan, handmade, and unique. It is creative like slow cooking (just less fattening). So from time to time you will see some of these special offers on this site.

I have a friend who shaves the hair from parts of her body. But she has a problem with ingrown hairs and this tends to happen quite often as long as she shaves.  They can get infected and it can be quite painful too. For her I have made a special batch of Rose, Kelp and Oatmeal soap.  I don’t make less than 32 bars a batch, though, so if you hurry up and order from me you can also get some of this soap. It is a hard soap, coming in round 100 g bars at R 30 per bar.

organic roses just smell nicer

Almost the only thing you can do about ingrowing hairs is to exfoliate.  It will always be a problem if your hair is very curly, and of course the best way to cure the problem is to not shave.  But for those of you who like to shave regularly, very mild exfoliation helps by removing old skin layers and giving the hair the maximum space to grow out. Use it every time you wash the shaved area and over time the ingrown hairs should no longer occur.  Using something every day, though, means you have to be very sure that you are not using strong abrasives which can damage your skin and open it up to infection.  Oatmeal is the classic exfoliator, it abrades gently without hurting the skin and makes a very nourishing, creamy soap. Oatmeal is also an astringent, that is, it opens up clogged pores and so will prevent ingrown hairs as much as anything can. (Some people say this quality also helps with persistent acne, but I cannot say I have tested this usage extensively.)  Lastly, oatmeal has a very ancient use in soothing skin irritation and itches, and so is the ideal substance to use on shaven areas.

Kelp (seaweed) is one of those wonderfoods, it contains over 70 vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as being rich in anti-oxidants. More mysteriously, it also contains growth hormones and endocrine (hormonal) regulators. Quite how these work on humans is still the subject of much scientific debate, I have of course used it for years in the garden where it stimulates healthy and sound blooming, like these roses. It has also been widely used in cosmetics for centuries. Again, each cosmetician will have their own explanation why it is so great. Suffice it to say that kelp unclogs pores and energizes the skin. So if the oatmeal helps remove the old skin layer, kelp  helps ensure that the new skin which emerges is full of vitality. Try it once and you will understand exactly what I mean!

I add rose essential oil because it is also astringent as well as skin-softening. Together with a dash of vanilla, rose makes such a sweet fragrance combination.  I can go mad with fragrances on occasion, but sometimes the simplest is the best. Ja nee…

After using this soap, apply some of my Buchu Extra Strength Oil to the shaved area, and you should be able to  avoid any further problems with ingrown hairs.  Plus your skin will be shiny, smooth, and absolutely luscious to the touch.

Order from khoelife@gmail,com

2 thoughts on “Special batch!!!

  1. Yandiswa Nxawe says:

    hi my name is Yandiswa from Makhaza community.I would like to say your bunchu soap was very helpfull for my brother,my brother have a sports in his face.but when he used the sample of your soup,now he asked me where’s another soup my sister.I was only have a sample of the soup.I was given by another woman in AIDC before we start a meeting there.where can we get another soup the biggest one.

    • khoelife says:

      Hi Yandiswa, I am so glad to hear your brother’s skin is better! I am hoping to sell soap in Khayelitsha soon, in the meantime keep on coming to CJN meetings! I will send you an invite for our event on October 9/10. Hugs,Yvette

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